Solo Interista

Davide Santon gave a small interview for one local station and told that he will never leave Inter, specialy to rival clubs:

“If there comes the time that I must leave Inter, I would never swith to AC Milan or Juventus. Im happy hear and hopefully I will not leave this club for permanent.”


Davide Santon decided to stay put, as italian press related him with loan deal to Genoa these days.

His agent told: “He is not thinking about loan, so he is remaining at Inter!”

Jose Mourinho didn’t gave him a chance in last few matches, so it’s obvious The Kid is not so happy.

Davide decided

“The controversy between Mourinho and Cannavaro? I just want to stay at Inter, I hope to play a few games, but I do not think to leave.” Speaks with the maturity of a veteran Davide Santon after the 15 ‘played in Tbilisi with the Italian national team. Inter defender, brought into the center by a diatribe dialectic between the master of the selection blue and the Special One, has preferred to dribble the argument by reiterating his love for Inter and the will to stay long in Milan, thus ignoring the advice an experienced player like Cannavaro which candidates are invited to look elsewhere. Mourinho has immediately put the former Real Madrid in its place, as its management sotolineando Santon is not a problem for him. And the 19-year old full-back has reinforced the concept, cutting the lead of the bull and stating his intention not to listen to this kind of advice.

Obviously, however, that Santon not disdain to play with continuity with the Nerazzurri shirt, which at the start to the season has not yet happened. But no problem, the occasion will be sufficient and also a debut in the league to return to being in a permanent holder of the champion team of Italy, as happened last season. Mourinho knows his business, he was throwing a little-known lawyer from the Spring comes to football matters, and knows how to sip growth so that no one gets hurt. The same Lippi has assured the boy that some absence in the club team will not affect his future blue. Which, inter alia, against Georgia has seen him in a role than usual but in this case Santon’s comment was perfect: “This time I played outdoor high and for me goes well, the coach decides.” A sentence pretty obvious, those who heard it said very often. But there is no doubt that, knowing the character of the young Nerazzurri, is sincere. Shyness and modesty that characterize it are one of the main advantages of Santon, Lippi and Mourinho both think, at least in this, the same way.