Romelu Lukaku Appears to React to ‘Overweight’ Reports With Fresh Instagram Post

?Since his move to Inter on August 8 – and perhaps even before then during his time with Manchester United – Romelu Lukaku has come under quite heavy criticism for his weight. 

In a possible response to all the chit-chat surrounding his body, Lukaku has sent a post onto Instagram showing that he certainly does not skip leg day.

Mainly propelled from Gary Neville ?tweeting about it upon the Belgian’s move, there has been a lot of speculation about Lukaku’s shape – with rumours circulating that the striker will miss the opening Serie A game of the season because of it. 

As ??Corriere dello Sport are reporting, and Tancredi Palmeri is tweeting, it is believed Inter are requesting Lukaku to be under 100kg, with the 26-year-old 4kg over. 

Despite the photo showing Lukaku’s very powerful muscles, the caption would point towards that he may not be quite match-ready just yet. 

The Belgian had missed a lot of preseason due to injury, which would no doubt have hampered his progress as he tries to get to full fitness.

Given Antonio Conte’s demanding management style, and his refusal of anything but maximum effort, it is very unlikely that Lukaku would have been signed if they did not believe that he could regain full fitness and get in his best shape. The Belgian is reported to have been training extra sessions to reach the desired level.

As he says in an interview with Otro (via ?Football Italia), the striker said of how it is ‘real work’ at Inter. He said: “In England, it’s a lot of work, but here it’s real work!”

When asked about the food in Italy, he simply sighed and said “salad”.


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