Romelu Lukaku Reveals Why Inter Is the Best Club for Him & Opens Up on Man Utd Departure

Romelu Lukaku has opened up about his problems in the build-up to his departure from Manchester United, and why he feels Inter are the best club for him to recapture his form.

The Belgian has notched two goals in his first two Serie A games for Antonio Conte’s side, with many tipping I Nerazzurri to challenge Juventus for the Italian top flight title.

Lukaku was speaking to ESPN when he revealed: “This could be the team I need. There’s the love I have for this area. The love that I have for Inter. And it was the perfect moment for me to leave England. I didn’t want to be there anymore.”

Romelu Lukaku

By the end of his tenure in England, Lukaku was receiving a fair bit of abuseĀ for his performances and fitness, but it is now understood that a gastrointestinal problem was hampering his progress.

Upon his arrival, Antonio Conte had this issue checked out, as Lukaku explained: “Normally I have a fine digestive system. I digest everything very quickly. That’s how it had been my entire life. But what the nutritionist said to me was, it had stopped working.”

A diet of ‘mainly fish, sweet potatoes, shiitake pasta, and cooked and raw vegetables’ was prescribed, and the forward lost almost 4.5kg in 12 days.

“I’m good now,” he clarified. “My body is in the zone.”

Asked about how he felt during the latter stages of his time at United, he declared: “Scapegoated. Meaning ‘You. Are. The. Reason’.”

On this feeling, ex-United teammate and fellow Inter newbie Alexis Sanchez, who has described Lukaku’s talents as one-of-a-kind, explained: “Lukaku and I trained very well. But we needed to play more in games to get to our best.

“It wasn’t the right time for us to be at Manchester. Too many changes. When you change that much, it’s tough.”

Returning to his present surroundings, Lukaku, whose love affair with Inter began with the 1998 UEFA Cup final, the first final he can remember watching, admitted: “This group of players we have here is a special group. And we have the right leader in front of us to take us to the right places.”

That man is of course Antonio Conte, and Lukaku added: “The guy can make a team. It’s already like the guys have been there for many, many years together, even the ones who just arrived. It’s the strangest thing.

“Inter is an ambitious club. It wants to get back where it needs to be. I want to help them build something here. It’s the right move for me.”

Romelu Lukaku

In preparation for the move, the forward learned Italian extensively, and he has insisted upon speaking to his teammates in the language, and vice-versa. This has undoubtedly aided his adaptation.

“They embraced me and I embraced them,” he added. “It’s like I’ve been part of it for many months.”


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