4 Things We Learned From Inter’s Strangely Goalless Draw With AC Milan on Wednesday

Wednesday evening saw the Milan derby somehow end in a goalless draw – in a match that featured two disallowed goals accompanied by two absolute howlers from Inter’s Mauro Icardi.

The game could’ve ended 3-3, yet both sides came away with a clean sheet and a point apiece. While the scoreline might suggest a boring game, hence the term ‘bore draw’, but it certainly was not; and there are plenty of talking points coming away from the match at San Siro.

4. Is Gianluigi Donnarumma Overhyped?

Against Inter, Gianluigi Donnarumma looked exactly how you’d imagine a 19-year-old goalkeeper playing in an intense derby match to look: out of his depth.

Don’t get me wrong, he held his own, but there were a couple of lucky moments for the youngster and he made a lot of things look a lot more difficult than they should’ve been.

From unnecessary fumblings to strange decision making, he didn’t look like he was at the races on Wednesday, and certainly didn’t look the dominating figure set to dethrone Gianluigi Buffon that he’s often made out to be.

3. VAR Actually Works

In England, VAR seems the nasty villain coming to end football as we know it – similar to that Nike World Cup advert in 2014 where the Brazilian Ronaldo had to lead a load of players to end the tyrannous reign of ‘efficient’ football played by robots.

However, across the continent it looks a well oiled machine. Mauro Icardi’s goal was initially given before the referee referred back to VAR, due to the Argentinian’s flirting with the offside trap.

The ref went straight to the system, made his intentions clear, gave the reversed decision (Icardi was indeed offside) promptly and continued play.

It was straight forward and swift, and gave a glimpse of what could be in a year or two – and it looked brilliant. 

…It also save Milan’s hide.

2. Milan’s Lack of Quality

They spent a lot in the summer, and AC Milan somewhat look to be on their way back to what they once were.

But there is still that lack of creative talent prohibiting the club from reaching the desired heights. You know you have a problem when you’re bringing on Fabio Borini to make a difference against your fiercest rivals.

Going forward, the players they have simply aren’t quite of the calibre that the once great Milan side was, Gennaro Gattuso’s team seem a few years away yet from challenging for Serie A.

1. Icardi Not Quite at the Top Level

It was a hugely frustrating night for the Inter captain.

Having a goal ruled out by VAR, and missing two open goals from less than five yards, Icardi’s poaching wasn’t exactly on point against Milan.

The problem with that, is that he offers little else to the game when he’s not scoring – so he has to deliver when handed the chance. His two missed opportunities were simply poor. You’d never see Harry Kane or Robert Lewandowski fluffing their lines like that, and Icardi just doesn’t quite look like the world class striker he’s been looking like – despite his goal record.


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