Inzaghi’s wife hospitalised with COVID

Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi’s wife has gone into hospital in Rome due to complications from COVID-19, it’s reported.

It was Gaia Lucariello who confirmed on social media this week that her entire family unit had tested positive for COVID-19, including the Lazio boss.

While Inzaghi is reported to still be asymptomatic, the same is not true of his partner.

According to Il Messaggero newspaper, Gaia Lucariello has been taken to the Spallanzani hospital in Rome with breathing difficulties.

She has a suspected pneumonia, the same issue that has seen former Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi admitted to the same hospital.

The Spallanzani is the premier specialist hospital for COVID in Italy.


Fonseca: ‘My future is not important’

Paulo Fonseca assures his ‘future is not important. Roma is the most important thing’ along with injury updates ahead of Bologna.

It kicks off on Sunday at 17.00 UK time (16.00 GMT), click here for a match preview.

The Giallorossi have one foot in the Europa League semi-final after fighting back for a 2-1 win away to Ajax, yet are continuing to slide down the Serie A table.

“They are two different competitions. Besides, as I said before the Ajax game, we’ve been in or around the Serie A top four throughout the season,” said the coach in his press conference.

“I also think it’s important to note we have been missing some important players during this period. Serie A is a longer tournament, the Europa League is shorter and you rarely lose focus.

“Preparing for tomorrow is easy, because the players must realise the next match is always the most important one. We are against an aggressive Bologna side.

“It’s unlikely we’ll have Chris Smalling back for the second leg with Ajax, we’ll see about Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Jordan Veretout. Leonardo Spinazzola is out tomorrow.

“Lots of teams who have internationals and packed fixture lists have had injury problems this season. The calendar is too congested and, as Pep Guardiola says, players are not machines.”

Fonseca was asked if his future has been decided, but the response was at best vague.

“My future is not important. I am focused only on the present. Roma is the most important thing.”


De Rossi explains COVID hospitalisation

Daniele De Rossi reveals why he went to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms. ‘I stood up and nearly fainted. The doctors said if I hadn’t had it checked out…’

The former Roma midfielder is now part of Roberto Mancini’s Italy staff, which is where he contracted the Coronavirus during that recent outbreak.

He was taken into the Spallanzani hospital in Rome on Friday and is undergoing treatment for pneumonia.

“I came here because I had too many symptoms that were not only not improving, but actively getting worse,” De Rossi told L’Agenzia Dire.

“Yesterday morning, I stood up from the chair as normal and nearly fainted. My ears were buzzing, it all sounded blocked and I almost fell over, so I asked to have a check-up.

“I came here and I’ve got a bilateral interstitial pneumonia. It’s not at the worst stage, but it’s definitely there. I wish I didn’t have it, especially as the doctors said if I hadn’t had it checked out…

“Basically, this is not a situation at the limit, but it’s also not the kind of COVID you can treat at home.”


De Rossi’s COVID situation ‘under control’

Sky Sport Italia reports Daniele De Rossi’s situation is considered ‘under control’ after the Italy staff member was hospitalised with COVID-19.

Il Tempo reported the former Roma captain had been hospitalised at the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome since yesterday.

The technical coach of the Azzurri had contracted the virus due to the outbreak during the World Cup Qualifiers retreat last month.

News agency ANSA spoke to sources close to the player, who confirmed he has been hospitalised.

According to the sources, De Rossi was admitted to hospital for ‘infectious diseases for pneumonia and his conditions and the situation is considered under control’.

De Rossi started the new chapter as a coach and joined Italy CT Roberto Mancini’s staff at Coverciano ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers.


De Rossi hospitalised with COVID

Il Tempo reports Italy staff member Daniele De Rossi has tested positive for COVID-19 and is hospitalised in Spallanzani Hospital.

The former Roma captain tested positive after the outbreak of coronavirus in the Italy squad during the World Cup Qualifiers.

The newspaper reports the former midfielder has been hospitalised in Rome, only weeks after having started his experience with the Azzurri.

De Rossi was appointed as one of the technical staff members under Italy CT Roberto Mancini last month.