AS Roma interested in Santon

Roma were one of the other clubs after the 7 times capped Italian International last summer, when Newcastle were successful in bringing the lad to Tyneside.

And Davide improved as a player last season, and it’s doubtful that Newcastle would even think of selling him at this point, and he is still a work in progress, and will only improve over the next few seasons in England.

The former Inter-Milan player is again interesting the Rome-based Italian club, after the 21 year-old played impressively in the second half of last season for Newcastle, who finished in 5th position and had a great first full season under manager Alan Pardew.

Roma’s Sporting Director Walter Sabatini has discussed the option of bringing Santon in with Zdenek Zeman, the 65 year-old Prague-born manager, who will become the new Roma manager.

Santon cost Newcastle around £5M last summer (€6M exactly), but it would take at least twice that amount for Newcastle to even think of selling the 21 year-old – but we think there’s little chance of that happening this summer.

Davide not only showed he is a top young player last season, but he’s already a first class professional and has been no trouble at all on Tyneside.

Davide was very patient as Alan Pardew brought him along slowly at first, once he had arrived at Newcastle, but then the lad improved over the last half of the season.

Davide Santon has played 27 times for Newcastle, and gives the club some flexibility, as he can play equally well in either full-back position.

Santon is happy at NUFC

As Davide Santon sits back this summer and reflects on his first season in English football, he knows he made the right choice.

Last August, aged just 20, Santon made the brave move of swapping Inter Milan – a club he had been with since childhood – for Tyneside and the lure of regular first team football at Newcastle.

And while he had to be patient, waiting four months before he could hold down a regular place in the side, a final tally of 27 appearances is not to be sniffed at as the full-back more than played his part in helping United qualify for the Europa League.

Santon has returned to Italy during the close season to visit family and spend time with his friends, but told that his maiden Premier League campaign went better than expected, and he cannot wait to be pulling on the black and white stripes again next year.

“It went really well. It was successful for the team but successful for me as well. I’m starting to get to know the team and make friends and it’s been a really good season. I’ve played a lot of games since breaking into the side. At the start I didn’t, but that was a good period for me. The manager gave me a chance to study, to find out about the team and where I was. It got me used to a new club and a new country and even though no player likes being sat on the bench, I can see that it did me good.”

And as for the difference between Serie A and the top flight over here, Santon has no doubts as to where he prefers to ply his trade.

“The Premier League is fantastic. I love it. It seems like every year English football is getting better, and therefore I’m thankful that I made the right choice to leave Italian football and come here. I hope I am going to stay here for a few years to come, and I hope next season is just as good for us as a team. I am really happy here in England and this is where I want to be.”

Despite a strong second half of the season with Newcastle, Davide Santon missed out on a place in Italy’s Euro 2012 squad – but will be cheering his country on during the tournament.

The 21-year-old, who joined United last summer, has seven full caps for the Azzurri and established himself as the Magpies’ first-choice left-back as Alan Pardew’s side finished fifth in the Barclays Premier League last season.

Playing Europa League football next season would certainly boost the ex-Inter Milan defender’s chances of returning to the national team fold, and he remains highly-rated in his home nation.

He has set his sights on a senior call-up for the World Cup in Brazil.

“The national team is very important in Italy. I would love to play for the senior team again – that is every player’s dream. I am not looking too far ahead but if I continue to play for Newcastle, and I have to play well, then hopefully I will be able to get more international caps. By the time the World Cup comes around I would love to be involved with the senior team.”

Once Interista, always Interista

“I had the fear of not being able to play again. It ‘was difficult to recover from the first operation to the meniscus, the knee swelled as always after each effort. So I decided, reluctantly, to close the season early. I had feelings of anger and sadness to see my teammates win. It ‘was really hard to see the team win and not lend a hand. I was always in the gym, but head and heart were in the field. I am still happy for the president, and the team mates but is normal that I feel so for not having attended the party. ” National Chapter, love the blue never fails: “I’m really happy to be matched to the colors blue. It would be nice for me and Mario. The blue dream and a great season with Inter. ”

“Maicon part? I know nothing. In any case I am ready to take the field whenever needed. Besides, I want the jersey holder. Mourinho criticized him for a life a bit ‘dedicated to pleasure: “I made mistakes from which I learned. We do important work and we honor and reputation. Then a boy, 18 year old species, is wrong but then must learn to overcome quickly. ” Chapter coaches, Benitez: “I saw his press conference and I must say that I liked. I knew him only by reputation and I know that in the past I wanted. I’m ready. ” Gratitude for Mourinho, who launched him: “I will always be grateful. He gave me more personality and especially the culture of work, train and live the best week of work and avoid distractions. Who worked with him was out of evil. ” On Balotelli: “Mario has improved. We know that this year we played a lot, but before maturity. Well the first two, the more difficult the third, David will close today with the oral test.

Davide’s Inter pass Chelsea!

Davide Santon’s Inter Milan has passed Chelsea in Champions league competition.

Davide Santon was on the bench and is recovering from knee injury.

Like is lived a game in England? It is the question that all those which know me – and they knew that I would have been present to Inter-Chelsea – have placed me. Thus, I have decided to tell it to you in a cronistoria kind.

Like preventivato, the outskirtses of Stamford Bridge are full of interisti tifosi, but many without ticket. There is who it is gone around confused, it is not found again, it is not oriented, at the end it asked to a faith companion: “Excuse, but the stage dov’e’”. The other sorride: “There are davanti. They seem palaces but this is modern soccer”, answers to it.

In effects, when it is spoken about stages that are similar know them from te’, puo’ not being believed next to Stamford Bridge. On the back, there is a lot of the most exclusive club. But this does not discourage the tifosi, at least to judge from the billboards that camp outside: “Next match in house – law – Chelsea-Aston Villa: sold out”. That for it do not accustom to the English language means “All exhausting simply”. And we speak about Chelsea-Aston Villa, you had said Real Madrid… The tifosi of the Inter are crowded to the income, will be first to enter, perche’, viceversa, English – it knows – if they take much comfortable one to it.

Outside there is but everywhere discreet police, also perche’ the atmosphere is calm, but above all perche’ puo’ not to make nothing: the alcoholic ones are prohibited within the stage, but also outside! A policeman approaches itself to a tifoso and ago to turn upside down the beer in the tombino. It turns itself and impreca: “But like, when they come from we are completely gets drunk and I cannot bermi a beer in Saint peace”. Country that you go, customs that it finds… A lot in order to cite of an other onlooker, the pub outside of the stage is classified to the tifosi of the Chelsea. Not own the maximum of the acceptance, you will say. We enter and we head in knows it press, we ignite the computer in order to bring back the feelings of the immediate eve, we turn ourselves and there is Terry that crosses all knows it press to it in pantaloncini and ciabatte. 30 minuteren lack the game at the beginning and the Captain of the Chelsea thinks well to make footbridge between the disinterestedness of the English colleagues – evidently accustomed – and the astonishment of those Italians. We enter to the stage, the formations and the brividi they overwhelm to us. Murinho enters, the eyes and the choruses of the former tifosi are all for he.

The game is beautiful, fascinating and dipana between a indiavolato tifo nerazzurro – than in the second tampo, also before the goal, pialla the rivals – and that a little stuffed with wadding, programmed one, in style baseball American of English: “They instead seemed many robottini – the comment that we have listened to from a tifoso nerazzurro yesterday evening in a pub – we well, beautiful, toasts”. We share. In the end the minds are ignited and – even if we are in England and it would not have to happen – Thiago Motta pecks a beautiful portion of insults – and objects launch from the spalti – in order to have emphasized on makes it of expulsion of Drogba.

The tifosi of the Chelsea live the passion of the tradimento of the God Mou and they do not take it well: “F **** off Mourinho” is the chorus that lever from the spalti. But the Special is too much busy: it is there that da’ indications on any thing, direct also the barrier and the dismissals of Julio Cesar, is indiavolato. During the recovery it orders the change: Materazzi enters, than pero’ it comes blocked from the fourth man perche’ has a myriad of bracelets. All Mou in a moment tears them to him. Then… Then the festivity: the Captain under the curve “to instigate the tifosi”, the companions to enjoy the moment behind he, leaving he – right – the center of the stage. It is the last one to exit from the Pupi field and in foundation the chorus feels itself still distinguished “is only a Captain”. It has been the perfect, beautifulst evening and moving. You want to know com’e’ ended? In a pub, to bistraight drink, tifosi of the Inter and the Chelsea a flank to flank. If it is not the paradise, little it lacks to us…

“I would never play for AC Milan”

The defender has driven away via every doubt on its faith – lesson for Mario Balotelli.

To play for a square and to be some tifosi they are two absolutely compatible conditions. Checché of it says Mario Balotelli, who is to the Inter can love it. From the deep one of the heart.

Santon demonstrates. The terzino about Mou it has spoken about its future one during the presentation of the “Gazette Cup 2010”: “I would not never go to the Milan, is a issue of respect for the Inter. To 5 years I played with the children of my country, to ten I supported my first one try with the Ravenna, where I found a former trainer dell juvenile of the Inter that it made me to try quickly with the nerazzurri. From I have made the procedure till the first square there”.

It lacks “thanks”, but it is implicit. The riconoscenza and the respect for the square has raised who it would not concur with Santon to marry its acerrima avail again. Not ditelo to Balotelli, than of the Milan it is also tifoso…