‘Embarrassed’ Inter Boss Luciano Spalletti Urges Media to Stop Comparing Him With Jose Mourinho

Luciano Spalletti has done a laudable job as Inter’s new coach this season as his side are topping the Serie A table and still unbeaten. 

The Italian took over the Milan outfit last summer after the team failed to qualify for the Champions League and struggled to reach top levels. 

Inter have continued their unbeaten run thanks to a precious 0-0 draw with Juventus this weekend and have two games left to confirm themselves as winter champions. 

Spalletti’s numerous successes in the league have quickly linked his name with current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, whose wonders at Inter are still remembered fondly. 

The Italian and the Portuguese have often been put in comparison, although neither of them has appreciated it, with Mourinho claiming on Monday: “Luciano’s got his story, I’ve got mine.

“I’m obviously happy but Luciano has his own identity, his own story and way of working. I’m just an Inter fan who, from a distance, hopes that everything goes well for them.”

Spalletti too had something to say about the ongoing parallelisms between the two as he declared himself embarrassed by the comparison: “I’ve been here two days, he made history.

“This juxtaposition with Mourinho embarrasses me. You have to stop it, it forces me to emphasise the distance between me, who has been here for two days, and someone who made history with Inter.

“I can’t come close, so do me a favour: don’t put me close to him. Mourinho knows too that it doesn’t stack up.”

He continued: “I’ll defend the work of the squad though. When you see it from outside that’s one thing, but when you’re on the inside and see it every day you realise the work the players are doing.

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“I had some certainties against Juventus, because we were compact and solid. We have a unique soul but we didn’t play a perfect game, so there are some things we can improve.”


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