Fonseca wants ‘a trophy’ with Roma

Roma coach Paulo Fonseca says he wants to ‘win a trophy for the fans’ and feels La Lupa are ‘developing the game he believes in’.

The Giallorossi returned from Portugal with a 2-0 win in the first leg against Fonseca’s former club Sporting Braga and prepare to face Benevento on Sunday.

The coach spoke about the three principals he believes ‘are crucial to build an identity’ at the Olimpico.

“To begin with, I believe that having passion is essential and passing it on is essential to be successful,” Fonseca told RomaTV.

“I’m a person who is passionate about what he does, for his work, and I think it’s a natural thing to pass on.

“Speaking of consistency, it’s essential to do our job. To have consistency in what we do and to transmit it, especially in building an identity within a team.

“It’s something that cannot be given up. It’s important to convey ambition in the team, to always play to win, with confidence, to develop our game.

“Three principles that I believe are crucial.”

The Portuguese coach believes the Giallorossi ‘can and must improve’ and claimed there are ‘no perfect teams’.

“I think no coach can claim to have what he wants, there are no perfect teams,” Fonseca continued. “I’m perpetually dissatisfied, I believe we can always improve.

“Here at Roma, as the months go by, I can say that the team are not far from having my reflection and this satisfies me.

“Feeling that the team develops the game I believe in is important. I believe we can and must improve, teams are unfinished projects, this is because we can still improve.

“Continuity over time is very important, I begin to understand that the preseason is very important, it’s a moment in which we have more time to work on the principles of the game.

“It’s difficult afterwards, because it’s essentially about recovering for the next game and working on strategy.

“But for coaches who like to work on details, this lack of time is essential, so the League is increasingly important.”

Fonseca feels the Giallorossi are working hard to win silverware and said it would be ‘no greater pleasure’ than to bring home a trophy for the fans.

“Roma are an ambitious club and wants to get closer and closer to winning a title,” he said. “For me there would be no greater pleasure than bringing a trophy to the Roma fans, who are fantastic.

“There’s a huge passion for the club and I’d like to reciprocate with the results.

“We have to be balanced and realistic, I believe that at this moment we have to think about the next games, which are very difficult.

“Right now, it’s impossible for any team playing in the Europa League to predict who will win the competition.”


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