Julio Cesar Reveals Curious Details About His Relationship With Former Boss Jose Mourinho

Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar has revealed some interesting details about his relationship with former manager Jose Mourinho.

In an interview with Selecao Sportv (via ?Marca), Cesar – ?who is retiring from football at the end of this season – revealed Mourinho had treated him harshly during some of his time at Inter, but had kind words for him following the 2013 Confederations Cup final.

Inter Milan's Brazilian goalkeeper Julio

Cesar had just been named Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament following Brazil’s 3-0 victory over Spain in the final, and collected his award in Iker Casillas’ shirt as a tribute to the Spaniard.

?“When I got to the dressing room, I saw a message from Mourinho on my mobile phone,” Cesar explained. ‘You’re crazy, it’s Casillas who would have to put on your shirt and not you,’ it read. And he told me that with only one arm I stopped more than Casillas.

“Iker went to the dressing room to talk to me [to thank him for the gesture] and I told him to have a discussion with Mourinho, which is difficult but he had to face it,” Cesar continued. “Mourinho likes to go face to face with the players who are considered stars in the teams that he coaches.”

Inter Milan's Portuguese coach Jose Mour

The Brazilian goalkeeper also discussed life under Mourinho’s management, and revealed the harsh words that Mourinho would say to him.

“The first year was great, but the second one was more difficult,” he added. “I went into games with a fear of being wrong, and I thought: either I face it or it ends my career.

“In training Mourinho approached me and said ‘you are the best goalkeeper in the world, but today you’re a Serie C goalkeeper.'”

Bayern Munich's Dutch striker Arjen Robb

This was not the only time Mourinho was rude to Cesar. who explained the Portugese manager’s weird obsession with a yellow shirt.

“There was a time when Mourinho wanted me to play with a yellow shirt,” Cesar said. But it wasn’t part of the colours of the goalkeepers of that season, which were white, black and grey.


“He gave me a yellow shirt, which was the training shirt, and I told him I was not going to play in yellow. Mourinho mocked me in every way possible and told me I was afraid of the ball. In short…I played in yellow.”


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