Colombian football expert Juan G. Arango has revealed Diego Maradona’s tirade of abuse directed at Aregentina boss Jorge Sampaoli and  Inter Milan talisman Mauro Icardi via Twitter on Sunday.

Speaking to Aregentine publication MUNDOALBICELESTE, the World Cup winner originally claimed:

Today, except for Messi, people have lost respect for the Argentina team. Nobody is afraid of us. Look at the last game with Nigeria. We almost conceded eight goals. You know what happened in my time in a game like that…

“It’s embarrassing to rely on Icardi. Pipa [Higuain] is 10 times better than Icardi,” he said. “That guy [Sampaoli] doesn’t know anything.”

And while these quotes are obviously damning, Arango has revealed Maradona went far worse in his comments on TNT Sports LA, in which he reiterated:


“Higuain deserves a chance, no doubt. The problem is that [Sampaoli] is a liar. He is hiding things. He is the first one that should be saying the truth.

“For example, he does not have a number nine that can score on his list, even though he can continue calling up that embarrassment (Icardi). Higuain is ten times better than Icardi, (Icardi) doesn’t know anything. What he does know is to go to his friend’s house and ‘eat out’…

I do not want to talk about Sampaoli. He betrayed me but I want him to do well; my anthem will not be jeered and my flag will not be stepped on.”

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