Mauro Icardi Questions the ‘Love & Respect’ Inter Hierarchy Show Supporters in Instagram Post

Inter striker Mauro Icardi has called into question the “love and respect” that the club’s decision makers have towards the fans as well as towards him.

The Argentina international was recently stripped of the captaincy at San Siro and then went on strike, failing to appear in Inter’s last four games across all competitions.

The recent turmoil has caused Icardi’s future to be called into question, but the 26-year-old insists he has always loved the Nerazzurri and stressed he rejected offers to move elsewhere that other players would have jumped for.

It’s at the most difficult times when true love is shown,” Icardi said in a statement on Instagram, translated by Football Italia. “It’s at those moments that I decided to stay at Inter, with Inter. When I felt that with my goals, I could help Inter get stronger, among many things.

Mauro Icardi

“And despite everything, I’ve always decided to stay. And for the love of these colours. I’ve refused offers that other players would’ve found difficult to refuse.

“I realised my dream, I realised the dream of all us ‘Interesti’, returning to the Champions League, with the team I was captain of. Because I’ve always felt and transmitted love for these colours.

I know what love is for Inter and the Inter fans know this because they’ve seen how I’ve suffered, cried, fought and finally rejoiced in these colours. At Inter. With Inter. But like I said, all my sacrifices were made for the love of these colours, while respecting everyone.

“I don’t know if, at this time, there is love and respect towards Inter and I on part of those who make decisions. I don’t know if there’s the desire on the part of someone to act and resolve things only and exclusively for Inter’s sake.

“Many things can happen in a family, good or bad. And out of love, one can stand for a lot of things. But respect must never be lacking. These are my values, these are the values for which I’ve always fought. In my story. At Inter. With Inter.”

Icardi’s stand-off with Inter doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved overnight, but his message insisting that he has no plans to force a move away from San Siro will offer some temporary respite for fans in the Curva Nord.

But much of the striker’s future still rests in the hands of his wife and agent Wanda Nara, and as she is often the common denominator when things go sour for Icardi at Inter, it’s a detail which some supporters won’t be able to overlook.


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