Once Interista, always Interista

“I had the fear of not being able to play again. It ‘was difficult to recover from the first operation to the meniscus, the knee swelled as always after each effort. So I decided, reluctantly, to close the season early. I had feelings of anger and sadness to see my teammates win. It ‘was really hard to see the team win and not lend a hand. I was always in the gym, but head and heart were in the field. I am still happy for the president, and the team mates but is normal that I feel so for not having attended the party. ” National Chapter, love the blue never fails: “I’m really happy to be matched to the colors blue. It would be nice for me and Mario. The blue dream and a great season with Inter. ”

“Maicon part? I know nothing. In any case I am ready to take the field whenever needed. Besides, I want the jersey holder. Mourinho criticized him for a life a bit ‘dedicated to pleasure: “I made mistakes from which I learned. We do important work and we honor and reputation. Then a boy, 18 year old species, is wrong but then must learn to overcome quickly. ” Chapter coaches, Benitez: “I saw his press conference and I must say that I liked. I knew him only by reputation and I know that in the past I wanted. I’m ready. ” Gratitude for Mourinho, who launched him: “I will always be grateful. He gave me more personality and especially the culture of work, train and live the best week of work and avoid distractions. Who worked with him was out of evil. ” On Balotelli: “Mario has improved. We know that this year we played a lot, but before maturity. Well the first two, the more difficult the third, David will close today with the oral test.

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