“I would never play for AC Milan”

The defender has driven away via every doubt on its faith – lesson for Mario Balotelli.

To play for a square and to be some tifosi they are two absolutely compatible conditions. Checché of it says Mario Balotelli, who is to the Inter can love it. From the deep one of the heart.

Santon demonstrates. The terzino about Mou it has spoken about its future one during the presentation of the “Gazette Cup 2010”: “I would not never go to the Milan, is a issue of respect for the Inter. To 5 years I played with the children of my country, to ten I supported my first one try with the Ravenna, where I found a former trainer dell juvenile of the Inter that it made me to try quickly with the nerazzurri. From I have made the procedure till the first square there”.

It lacks “thanks”, but it is implicit. The riconoscenza and the respect for the square has raised who it would not concur with Santon to marry its acerrima avail again. Not ditelo to Balotelli, than of the Milan it is also tifoso…

Going foward

“I’m really happy, I played well and helped my team to win even not fully recovered.”

This interview was given after the clash between Inter and AC Milan where his team won 2-0 with 9 mans!

“Now, it’s new day, new fixtures are waiting, I’m looking foward to them and hope I’ll play.”

Santon: Now I’m happy

Bari-Inter marks the return of David Santon area after the accident with the Under 21 and the intervention to the lateral meniscus in his right knee: “It was a positive return – to the microphones to declare the quarterback nerazzzuro Inter Channel – the knee responded well. just as my legs, I feel good and am happy. Today was not easy, but the team has once again proven to have character, we responded well, we could win but that’s okay too so now staked everything on derby.