PHOTOS: Brazil Legend Adriano Shows How Mental Health Issues Can Destroy a Career

Former Internazionale striker Adriano has shown his 1.3m Instagram followers just how much of a fall? from grace he has suffered through depression, with a series of photos posted onto his account in recent days.

Serie A in the mid-2000s was at his mercy, and the rest of the world was at his feet. Adriano had become one of the most lethal strikers around Europe, and from a young age was quickly proving to everyone just how lethal his devastating finishing ability was.

Inter Milan v Empoli

Containing a mixture of Roberto Carlos’ left foot and Ronaldo’s destructive movement caused defenders to quake in their boots at the mere sight of Adriano, and the forward embodied power and tenacity – proving hugely popular with Inter fans.

However, it all came crashing down upon him following the death of Adriano’s father. His passing resulted in the promising striker to tumble into alcoholism, sending him into a void of depression – reminding the world that footballers are real people too.

“Only I know how much I suffered.” The forward said when opening up to R7 (via the Sun)

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“The death of my father left a huge hole. I felt alone and I isolated myself when he died. I was sad and depressed in Italy, and that was when I started to drink.”

It resulted in Adriano moving back to Brazil in 2007 – never living up to his unbelievable potential. A decade later, he’s shown how much his life has changed; having previously been spotted holding an assault rifle in a favela in Rio.



????Adriano’s struggles are epitomised by the moving words from his former teammate, Javier Zanetti.

??If there is one saving grace, it’s that Adriano now finally seems to be at peace with everything he’s been through in the last ten years.


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