PHOTOS: Nike Launch Limited Edition Hypervenom GX Boots to Honour Montebelluna 20th Anniversary

?Nike are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first boots to debut from the iconic Montebelluna facility near Venice, Italy by releasing a limited edition Hypervenom GX.

Nike explain how Montebelluna, through innovation and the use of premium materials, ‘famously provides Nike’s professional players with boots engineered to their exact specifications’.

Hypervenom GX

And 20 years on from the Air GX that came out in 1997, the new Hypervenom GX will pay tribute to those Nike classics.

New technology means the Hypervenom GX will be as much as 35% lighter than the Air GX, but the design draws plenty of inspiration from its predecessor – notably the asymmetrical lacing.

Hypervenom GX

Improved lacing technology means that the old oversized tongue could be shrunk.

‘Supple’ Alegria leather features prominently, while the Italian flag appears on the heel and on a subtle label woven onto the left side of the boot.

Hypervenom GX

Inter striker Mauro Icardi and Milan counterpart Andre Silva will be wearing team colour versions of the Hypervenom GX in the Milano city derby this weekend.

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