Pirlo Reveals Hodgson Called Him ‘D**ckhead’ at Inter & Why Being Part of a Team Is Better Than Sex

?Former Italy star Andrea Pirlo has made some interesting revelations recently.

The 38-year-old will likely call curtains on his MLS career at the end of the season and in an exclusive look at the contents of his new book, released by the ?Mail, opened up on several aspects of his football journey.

New York City FC v Orlando City SC

Pirlo spoke about his disappointment against Liverpool in the Istanbul final, nearly joining Chelsea in 2009 and his exquisite penalty against Joe Hart for Italy, as well as several other things.

But perhaps one of the things that stuck out the most was him revealing that Roy Hodgson never got his name right whilst he was at Inter.

“He called me Pirla (a term used in Milan dialect roughly translated as ****head), perhaps understanding my true nature more than the other managers,” the midfielder said. 

“We went through four coaches that year (1999). I’d wake up in the morning and not remember who my coach was.”

Roy Hodgson

Pirlo, who must really enjoy the feeling of being part of a football squad, given how long he’s played, describes it as being “better than sex.”

“Being part of a team that belongs to everyone makes me feel good. A lot of the time, it’s better than sex: it lasts longer and if it falls flat, it can’t just be your fault.

“Take someone like (Parma striker) Antonio Cassano. He says he’s slept with 700 women but he doesn’t get picked for Italy any more. Can he really be happy? I wouldn’t be.

“That shirt, with its Smurf-like blue, gives you a whole new image across the world. It takes you to a higher level. Much better to be a soldier on the pitch than in the bedroom.”

Italy Training Session And Press Conference

Well that certainly makes a whole lot of sense. And it’s quite unfortunate that he will only be involved in sex after calling it quits in a few months.

Despite his love for the game, though, Pirlo has no intentions to step into management.

I wouldn’t bet a cent on me becoming a manager,” he added.

“There are too many worries and the lifestyle is far too close to that of a player. In the future, I’d like to get back a semblance of a private life.”

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