VIDEO: Juventus-Loving Kid Gets Inter Jersey for His Birthday and Reacts Like Any Real Fan Would

?A young Juventus fan was given an Inter Milan shirt for his birthday, in a cruel but hilarious prank that has gone viral on social media.

A fan’s love for his football team is arguably at its very strongest during his early days – there are few things that capture your passion quite like a football team, especially if dad has had his way.

As tweeted out by ItalianFootballTV, football loyalty and passion were on display at their finest from a Juventus-supporting child, who was on the receiving end of a humorous yet very snidey prank.

It appears to be the youngster’s birthday in the video clip, and wrapped inside his first gift is an Inter Milan shirt, which he immediatedly screws up and tosses aside.

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On the verge of tears, he is then given a second present which is revealed to be the Juventus shirt he had clearly been longing for. His joy is a far cry away from the utter disdain of just a few moments prior, which makes the clip rather heart-warming.

The kid will no doubt be wearing his new jersey with pride (when he isn’t in school, of course) – the Bianconeri have started off the new season in impressive form and sit second but level on points with leaders Napoli.


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